Cherry was founded in November 2004 by three colleagues, two of whom, Andrew Goddard & Jess Slaney remain Owner/Directors today. They had worked together for 7 years at a Soho-based film production company.  Between them, they had Editing, Producing & Copywriting skills and wanted to set up an honest, friendly, creative company that could be competitive with pricing and take a fresh approach to projects.

Their vision was achieved by using the skills they had between them and building relationships with trusted, talented freelance staff  that could become part of a “co-operative” team.

Cherry is based in Central London but works with clients all over the world, including France, Germany, Spain, USA, & New Zealand.

Eleven years later, the Cherry ethos remains strong. The people who answer the phone when you call are the people who take your brief and realise your projects. We pride ourselves on listening to what our clients want and achieving their vision by being creative with ideas and resources.

If you would like to talk through an idea, please feel free to contact us –we’d love to talk to you!